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We incorporated our warehousing service in the USA on August 2014 because of the growing needs of our services in the States. Our Warehouse in USA (Los Angeles) allows you to hold the inventory close to the top consumer markets for all US destinations as well as improving on shipping time as well. This warehouse service in LA opened a varied opportunity for the entire consumers in the USA. We know that USA is also very important business hub; the day to day growing need of our service to US customers had encouraged us for this warehouse. We are providing affordable, safe and quick service to all our US customers.

USA is the most important destination for our service, so having a warehousing service in the USA benefits you for best possible service from our side. Our warehouses service also effected efficiently to deliver services to the other anywhere in US in about 3 to 6 days.

  • Best available service from Storage of products, Quality Inspection, Assembly, to Pick and Pack.
  • Service is costumed for US customers, so you can avail quick as well as safe service.
  • All the products are custom cleared when introduced in LA warehouse, so no worries for any customs related issues for shipping to anywhere in USA.

Advantages of warehouse

Quick delivery of 2 to 6 days anywhere in USA via UPS and USPS for last mile delivery.

Hassle free from any customs for all over USA.

“First in First out “applied on all commodities

Return service is available

Full tracking information of your products.

24 hours safe CCTV monitoring, safety is our priority.

Bar code technology and advance quality methods used for your best service.

API integration is open for free.